Awesome Mobility Products

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Listed from Travel Ability Summit

The Action Trackchair is an all-terrain wheelchair. The electric tilt mechanism allows the user to easily stay level in their Trackchair while traversing hills and uneven terrain. http://actiontrackchair.com/ (we use this when we visit Staunton State Park)

Adapts is portable Transfer sling that can be used when traveling, in emergencies, or just around the home. https://www.adapts.org/about

Antikythera Technologies successfully implemented an Indoor navigation and tracking at (LAX) Los Angeles World Airport within the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) to track the wheelchair and agents inside the airport https://www.antikytheratechnologies.com/

The AvTech Connect platform was developed to provide a comprehensive mobile dispatching solution for assisting special service request passengers in airports https://www.avtechcorp.com/platform accessibility

Beach Trax is a lightweight, foldable and easily transportable pathway for individuals to gain access over uneven terrain. Beach Trax is universally designed for all pedestrians and is wide enough to accommodate a full 360 degree turn using most wheelchairs including power chairs.

The Free2Go Rollator is he first product to combine the benefits of a raised toilet seat, toilet safety frame, and rolling walker.  https://free2gomobility.com

The Bed Phrame Lift levels the height of a wheelchair to a custom bed making any hotel bed more accessible.  https://bedphramelift.com

Go Anywhere Portable Commode, Shower and Chair is a lightweight (24 lbs) travel accessory, invented by Go Mobility Solutions, that enables all mobility-impaired individuals to bathe and toilet conveniently, comfortably and safely when they travel.

GoMuve offers accessible, reliable on-demand and pre-booked transportation services through our mobile, desktop, and kiosk applications, for door-to-door, arm to arm assistance. http://gomuve.com/

Using AI, Loro has developed a smart companion robot for wheelchair users https://www.loro.xyz/about-us

Mobility Lifter The LIFTKAR PT is a product designed to benefit the family, the professional, and the commercial marketplace. Because it is attendant operated, easy to use, battery-operated, and lightweight, this stair climber is completely mobile and usable anywhere, in or out, up or down almost any stairs. http://mobilitylifter.com/index.html

Mobility Mojo created the first software solution (available on a subscription bais) that helps hotels give an accurate snapshot of accessible features they provide. www.mobilitymojo.com

Scootaround Personal Transportation Solutions rents wheelchairs, scooters and other items for disabled travelers at cruise ports and airports throughout the USA.

ShowerBuddy’s product line focuses on bathing aids for less-abled individuals of all ages.  Their products can make regular tubs or showers fully accessible in just minutes! https://myshowerbuddy.com/

Stepless Lite: a portable ramp that is both affordable (models start at $75) and appealing to any hotel or attraction or even individual that wants to increase their access.  https://www.stepless.com/int/about/

WHILL is the brand name for the next generation of  “smart” wheelchairs that can be used through an app.

For more accessible products and tech visit – http://travelabilitysummit.com/accessible-products-a-quick-inventory/

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