​​Travel Tips for Traveling With Your Aging Relatives

As our parents or family members become older, it becomes increasingly important to share new experiences with them. However, caring for an aging person can be difficult. The prospect of traveling on a trip with an aging relative may sound daunting. But, you accompanying them and having a positive attitude can really help make that trip successful. With a little planning and caution, you can enjoy many vacations with your aging relatives.

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To help you with your upcoming trip, here are some travel tips for traveling with seniors.

Consult with their doctor

Health complications and medication are important factors to consider before boarding a flight or spending many days on the road with an aging relative. Always check with their doctor to ensure they are fit for travel and get all the necessary medication and store them early on.

Be mindful of the total vacation time

We all love going on long vacations and spending weeks away in a new location. However, you need to be careful about how long you spend away from home with an older person. It can be extremely taxing on them and can lead to health complications if you’re not careful. Of course, this is dependent on what type of vacation you’re planning. If you’re visiting family abroad where your relative can stay indoors, then a long vacation is definitely on the books.

Plan daily excursions beforehand

An itinerary is a great resource to create before heading out on your trip with aging relatives. You should book whatever you need beforehand so you don’t spend a lot of time waiting in lines or standing around in hot/cold weather. Try to include a few excursions which they can participate in too, or they may feel left out!

Choose your location wisely

When we’re young, we have the freedom of visiting almost any location without too much trouble. However, this is not the case with elders. Their immune systems and bodies are much more fragile and simple things like polluted air can have negative effects on their health.

Carry necessary health equipment with you

With aging people, it is always prudent to check blood sugar levels and blood pressure, especially if they are on certain medications. When you consult with the doctor, ask them about what you need to watch out for, and make sure you run that test once in a while.

Ensure travel arrangements are made early

This is especially important if the aging person is in a wheelchair. You will need accessible transfers to and from the airport, a hotel to stay in which is ADA certified, and a room that is located close to the elevators and dining areas. 

Dress appropriately and be early

Traveling can be very taxing and uncomfortable, so make sure your aging relative is dressed suitably for the journey and in advance of expected weather (for example, if the vacation destination is cold). Also, try to get to locations early so that you have enough time to sort out what’s necessary for their comfort.

Choose convenience over cost

To avoid hassles choosing convenience over cost can pay dividends for longer than the trip costs – direct flights, premium seats, rooms close to the elevator, higher-quality rental cars, and more.


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