​​Meow Wolf Denver – Accessibility Score

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Meow Wolf Denver is a popular art exhibition that visitors are enchanted by due to its unique and mind-bending quality. It is located inside a 90,000-square-foot exhibit, and its main focus is the concept of quantum travel. All four floors of the exhibit are filled with interactive art installations that have been created by countless artists in their time. 

While Meow Wolf may be an amazing place to visit, if it isn’t accessible for everyone, then many people would miss out on the immersive experience. The great news about this is that they have taken big steps toward ensuring that the exhibit is accessible for all. They have worked together with Artful Access – an organization in Denver that focuses on improving accessibility – to create art installations that anyone can enjoy. Here’s how.

Specialized parking and entry points

There are multiple parking locations around the facility, each with limited accessible parking spaces. The closest entry point is by the main entrance which also includes accessibility parking. However, on crowded days, it can be difficult to find close parking spaces, so make sure to plan accordingly. Also, aids such as wheelchairs or crutches cannot be requested at the location at this moment.

Washroom access

You don’t have to worry about using the restrooms inside the exhibit. They have taken steps to ensure the required facilities have been set up. All the women’s and men’s washrooms have accessibility aids and stalls. They also have larger family washrooms for when someone needs a family member or caretaker to help use the facilities. Both infant and adult changing tables can also be found. Just request directions from the staff at the location.

Service animals

While pets are not allowed inside the exhibit, trained and licensed service animals can accompany their owners. These don’t include therapy and emotional support animals. They must be highly trained and on a leash throughout their stay at the exhibit.  

Wheelchair accessibility

Most importantly, the entire exhibit is accessible by wheelchair, crutches, and other mobility aids. If you need help getting to a particular location, simply request directions from the staff. There are specific accessibility paths to certain sections that you may not be able to find on your own.

Blind and Deaf accessibility

Specific care has been taken to allow those with sensory problems to also enjoy the whole art exhibit. For those who are blind, Meow Wolf has created a specialized audio tour of the exhibit called “Highlights of the Convergence.” You can explore the Convergence with a descriptive narration of the most important aspects of the exhibits. 

For those who are hard of hearing, many videos of the art exhibits can be found in nearby kiosks. Most of these videos come with closed captions.

Sensory Needs

Meow Wolf has also tried to include as many sensory experiences as possible. There are many areas where guests are able to touch and hold objects to get the full immersive experience. If you require assistance with any of these, you can request it from the attending staff with additional equipment/advice if necessary.

Sensory bags including noise-canceling headphones, sunglasses, and fidget toys are available at the front desk of House of Eternal Return at no charge for guests who feel overwhelmed or overstimulated.


Based on what Meow Wolf offers to help people with disabilities, our accessibility score for it would be 10/10. This is a great place to visit without having to worry about accessibility problems.

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