• Blindness and Low Vision
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Low Sensory
  • Mild Activity
  • Wheelchair Accessible for Most


The disability community controls over $13 trillion in disposable income!

* You may think meeting ADA standards is enough to service this community. IT’S NOT.

* If your business does not provide the details they need, your competitor will.



Just like everything else, disability needs are nuanced. The word “accessible” has so many meanings and no absolute consistency to the information that people with various disabilities require.
Because of this, Exploryst is starting evaluation and certification programs where businesses can be evaluated on 170+ data points that go beyond “accessible.”
Even stating that your building is ADA-compatible or “disability’friendly,” does not answer most of the questions that people with visible and invisible disabilities require. 
Here are some of the questions/concerns that we hear from travelers that are not covered under the “accessible” designation.

How rough is the terrain, really.

Is ASL translation available upon request for this experience/activity?

What is the height of the beds in the wheelchair-accessible room? Many are too high for me to transfer.

Has the staff been trained to work with individuals with my disability needs?

Does this location have a clear signage system and pictograms?

Are wheelchairs available for rental or to borrow?

Can the intensity of the lamps in my hotel room be adjusted?

I’ve been to so many places that say they are accessible, but without detailed information, are they really?

Are Braille menus or instructions available?

Does this location/experience/activity offer low sensory days?

What is the intensity level of this activity/experience?

Are captions standard on all or most videos?

Exploryst will evaluate your attraction, lodging, or dining business on 170+ data points, including

     1. Activity level

     2. Entrance details

     3. Stair detail

     4. Audio, Visual, Sensory, IDD, and other amenities

     5. Light and noise amenities

     6. Interior and exterior amenities 

     7. And so much more.

Exploryst will evaluate your online business listing (and provide feedback and improvement suggestions where appropriate).

All for a flat rate.

Lodging < 200 rooms $75

Lodging > 200 rooms: $150

All other businesses: $75


If your property is certifiable, we will send you additional information about how to get its certification.


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